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Bad Rap
This group was instrumental in getting the “Vick” dogs into good places instead of being killed.
To the left is the SI cover with one of the many dogs they helped.


The Animal Farm Foundation

Their byline is "We bring dogs and people together to end discrimination"

and "We’re Changing the Lives of Dogs, People, and Communities"

National Canine Research Council
Dedicated to preserving the Human-Canine Bond.
Has an immense amount of well researched statistics and other information.


Pet Pit Bull
Positive Press -- Sad Reality
Legislation -- Breed Info

Understand A Bull
Excellent information about the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) obsolete report on fatal dog attacks.

Great site for keeping up to date on dangerous dog laws and breed specific legislation.
They have an e-mail service that notifies you of potential law changes. It’s a REAL surprise when you find a community close to you listed!

The Truth Behind “Dogsbite”
There is a web-site called “Dogsbite” that is set-up just to promote hatred of Pit Bulls.
It uses distortion and lies in its attempt to eliminate all and any pit bull type dogs.
For information on the woman who runs the site, Colleen Lynn, whose main qualification is professional web-designer, see The Truth Behind Dogsbite

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